Fruit Platter

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June 18, 2017

Its summer! Great way to get family and friend together and share this fruit platter in the garden or home

  • Prep: 30 mins
  • Yields: 4 Serving


500 g Green Seedless Grapes

500 g Fresh Strawberrys

4 Kiwi Fruits

1 Pink Grapefruits

3 Red Plumps

8 Premium Dates

250 g Nutella Chocolate or you can use any chocolate sauce

12 Mini Doughnut


1Wash all your fruits & leave it for 5 min to drain water

2Cut 250g Strawberry in to half's & leave 250g whole

3Peel all kiwi fruits and slice into four

4Peel pink grapefruits & split into parts

5Cut plum in to half and take the seeds out

Equipment Required

1Use a deli-board or any square board to plate all the fruits

2Use a ramekin or small bowl scope out nutella or chocolate sauce in to a bowl

Now Plating & Decorationg

1Place the ramekin or bowl of chocolate sauce in the middle of the board

2Split the grapes into 4 parts. Start placing them on each corner.

3Place the whole strawberry around the board.

4Place all the half of kiwi fruits evenly

5Place the pink grapefruits evenly

6Now finish off the cut strawberry's and place them evenly around the board and any loose grapes


1Place all the mini donaughts and dates around the board. This should finish the board. If you want to add more fruits or other fruit it can easily be done too!

2Finally place all the plums around the board


1You can add sugar to the pink grapefruits to take the out bitterness and make it taste sweet & sour or you can make sweet light syrup and garnish over the fruits. I would leave this as this make the fruits sticky


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